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TEAm Works

Helping people return to work

What we do

TEAM Vocational Services provides best-in-class vocational counseling services to individuals, employers, insurers, attorneys and governmental agencies.

We are a team of vocational experts committed to working with individuals at every stage of life, whether they are planning a career/educational path, seeking a career change, recovering from a work-related injury or disability, re-entering the workforce following a life-changing event such as a long-term disability or divorce, or seeking employment after a job loss. No project is too small or too distant for our complete attention and focus.

We are dedicated to caring for those we serve. We take an active role in contributing to and maintaining the integrity of the Vocational Rehabilitation Community by participating in a number of professional organizations and credentialing / licensing bodies including the following:

  • International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals (IARP)

  • Washington Chapter, IARP

  • Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification (CRC)

  • Certified Disability Management Specialist Commission (CDMS)

  • Commission for Case Manager Certification (CCM)

  • Certified Idaho Workers' Compensation Specialist (CIWCS)

  • Louisiana Licensed Professional Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors, Board of Examiners

  • Washington Department of Labor and Industries

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